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Make Sure Your CV Stands Out

It has never been more important to ensure that when you’re applying for jobs, you are standing out over your competition. In the finance world, employers and agencies have seen a huge influx in job applications, with most vacancies receiving over 100 CV’s.

Although a good written and structured CV isn’t the only thing you need when applying for jobs in this “new normal” we find ourselves in, it’s arguably the most important!

It’s so important to issue an excellent CV because:

  • It’s usually the first point of engagement with an employer or recruiter and you will be judged on it
  • Your CV is a mini book of your career
  • The structure, tone, grammar and achievements will directly represent you
  • CV’s are scanned during the initial shortlisting, so they need to grab attention
  • With the sheer volume in applications currently, you could be overlooked

So where do you start when deciding if your CV stands out or not?

  • Use a clean and tidy layout with plenty of spaces
  • Avoid boxes that could alter the print alignment
  • Use a common font like Calibri and keep your font size to 10, except for your name, company names, job titles, qualification and interests heading (12)
  • When writing your CV, focus more of your attention on the achievements you have had in the roles, not just what you did
  • If you have had the same duties in multiple roles, you don’t need to list them again
  • Avoid copying and pasting the same duties
  • Keep your CV in chronological order, starting with your most recent role first
  • Keep the structure in bullet point form and keep asking yourself, “What value did I add?” Not just “What did I do?”

Please get in touch if you would like a builder template from us or would like to directly discuss your CV and how to make it stand out from the crowd.

Working with Aila, you will see that we’re different. Although they’re important, we don’t solely rely on your CV and our recommendation notes to get you an interview, we involve you too!

We partner with our candidates to produce a video introduction, highlighting your best achievements throughout your career and helping you really define why you’re good for a role. Therefore, if your ability to sell your achievements in an interview and get your personality across are your areas of strength, this will shine through when we manage your application.

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