Profit Impact partnership agreed

“If the 2000’s saw the emergence of the Chief Technology Officer and the 2010’s the creation of the Chief Customer Officer – then the 20’s will be marked by the arrival of the Chief Sustainability Officer”

You can imagine our delight upon reading the above comment in the Recruiter magazine this week, days away from finalising a partnership agreement between Aila Recruitment & Profit Impact.

Business sustainability is critical to all our future success and profit is not the only driving force.

Building a sustainable future is really all that matters. There is no Planet B. Profit Impact supports its customers to strengthen and measure their social, environmental, and financial position to build resilience and long term value.

Aila was created through the belief that recruitment needs to change and there’s more to be done to really add value to employers and job seekers. Aila was established because the means are there for an agency to partner with employers and job seekers in a much better way.

If you choose Aila, on top of our unique shortlisting methods, quality driven approach and people over profit mantra, we are now positioned to offer employers a consultation and online workshop to Profit Impacts sustainability course, helping and guiding them along their own journey to a better, brighter and more sustainable future.

A comment on the partnership from Sarah Whale – Founder of Profit Impact:

“Our mission is to support the finance community and businesses to build business resilience and long-term value through sustainability education and consulting services. We believe we can make great strides to achieving our goals through partnering with businesses who share our values. Aila demonstrate it cares about those who are hiring, and those people being placed, by consistently putting the people experience first. Working closely with Aila will allow us to support both Aila’s and its customers sustainability and we’re excited about the tangible benefits that this partnership will bring”

A comment on the partnership from Aidan Murray- Managing Director at Aila Recruitment:

“Partnering with Profit Impact was one of the easiest decisions I’ve had to make since starting Aila. It’s also felt like the most natural partnership that aligns with our values as a business. Aila has been built on the foundations that people matter, and partnering with Profit Impact will help us manage our own sustainability targets, whilst also supporting our clients on their own journey towards a sustainable future”